Is Your Home Ready For Winter?

Harsh Winter weather – snow, ice, wind and cold, can cause serious damage to the interior and exterior of your home. This can result in costly repairs and homeowners insurance claims. A well-prepared home is less likely to experience weather-related problems, especially during the coldest months of the year.

Here are some home maintenance tips to prepare your home for the weather coming:

1. Drain exterior water spigot. If you don’t have a burst-proof spigot extreme cold can cause the pipes connected to the spigot to burst. Turn off the spigot inside and train remaining water.

2. Insulate interior pipes. Proper insulation will help to keep them from freezing. If your kitchen sink is on an exterior wall, open the cabinets underneath to let warm air help heat the pipes. A slight water trickle will also help because it keeps the water moving.

3. Weather stripping around exterior doors. Gaps around your doors and windows, allows cold air in. Expanding foam is good for sealing. Put shrinkable plastic over leaky windows.

4. Clear of debris from exterior drains and gutters. If gutters aren’t clear, melting snow is likely to back up. Leaves weigh them down and can cause them to break.

5. Tune up the furnace. Have an HVAC specialist look at your furnace, change air filters – these allow your furnace to work more efficiently.

6. Have the chimney checked. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, soot can collect over time and clog the chimney. To prevent a fire hazard have a professional look at your chimney every year or every other year during the winter months.

With proactive home maintenance, you you have a better chance to avoid costly winter weather-related repairs. Of course, if something requires maintenance or repair, contact your contractor as soon as possible to avoid serious problems.

GuildQuality Certified

Huber Fine Homebuilding has become GuildQuality Certified for our exceptional customer service. GuildQuality members are part of a community of quality-minded homebuilders, remodelers and home services companies. Certified members deliver exceptional customer experience and are monitored for the quality of service they provide. These real-time, web-based reports of customer feedback and performance allows Huber to consistently deliver the highest quality of workmanship and service.

“Having GuildQuality, an independent third party, conduct customer surveys puts our customers more at ease – allowing them to be more candid. This process results in honest, real feedback about our work and the experience – as it relates to the little things that a homeowner might not necessarily share directly with us” explains Donald Huber, company president.

Huber Fine Homebuilding has been building and revitalizing homes throughout Maryland since 1972, with outstanding tradesmen who engage with architects, designers and resources. We strive to provide the highest quality craftsmanship, performance and service. We take great pride in building homes – but we’re most proud of the relationships we have built with homeowners in our community.

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